Increase of corporate travel


An increase in corporate travel in Europe as a whole is expected

Corporate travel will increase in Spain

According to one study publishes in a specialized travel magazine, the expected investment to corporate travel by the enterprises will increase approximately 7% during 2018 in comparison to 2017. In Europe the increase is estimated to be around 3.4%.

According to this same study, based on one thousand European enterprises sample, the main reasons for an enterprise to invest in corporate travel are:

  • Retention of clients and/or business, which represents 30% of the enterprises’ corporate travel.
  • 21% of the travels are motivated by the creation of new business, with a special mention to Fair Trade assistance.
  • Internal meetings; however, the study highlight a decrease from 26% to 17% in this kind of trips given the use of conference calls for such purpose.

According to this magazine general director, the enterprises will continue to consider corporate travel as a key strategic element to achieve their commercial goals.