Rain of stars in the hermitage of St. Andrew of Gitarriu. Perseids 2024 - 11 and 12 of august

11 o 12/08/2024

Very limited places.
Local product data, Cosmology conference, Starlight monitor presence (IAC-Institute of Astrophysics in the Canary Islands) and sky observation.


Enjoy an Astronomical experience of the Perseid star shower 2024, in the unmatched framework of the hermitage of St. Andrew of Gitarriu.

 From 21:00 to 01:00 AM.


Conference of Astronomy, within the hermitage, by the Starlight monitor Kilian Vindel.

Aperitive of evening, with local products from La Garrotxa and Alt Empordà.

Astronomical observation with Telescopes and observation of vanishing stars.

Stories and legends of the Alta Garrotxa, by the Photographer Esteve Serra.

Only thirty-five available places.

Meeting point:  Time to reconfirm a week earlier.

In the event of a rain suspension (the same morning would be notified) the money will be returned.

Booking non refundable.