Taylor made

We tailor your trip

We have been specialists since 1995 on tailor-made holiday trips and on five continents

 Ask us for a budget, without any commitment on your part, by sending us an email to info@vinpertour.com indicating destination, travel dates, as well as any consideration you deem appropriate, and in 24-48 hours we will send you a detailed response with the appropriate notes and considerations.Travel with your loved ones and without the many discomforts and rigidities of group vacation trips.

We take care of plane / boat / train tickets, transfers, accommodation, tickets, local guides, etc. and all this at a price similar or even lower than group tour operator trips.This type of travel, increasingly tended by its countless advantages, allows us to deepen the knowledge of a destination. 

Our destinations, with tailor-made holiday trips, and with 25 years of experience, are:

Europe: All destinations.

Africa: Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and others.

Asia: China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Japan and others.

America: All destinations, North, Central and South.Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and others.