Vinper Tour s.l

Vinper Tour s.l, founded by Marga Pérez, Manuel Víndel and Kilian Víndel in June 1995.

Since 2002, Kilian Víndel has been running this family business whose accent is placed, from its origins, on trips to Show Fires, Business Travels and tailor-made holiday Travels. Today, Vinper Tour is opting for the Astronomical Packages, taking advantage of Kilian Víndel's extensive professional experience in the field of science.

We manage the travel portfolio of various companies, both at State and International level, and in sectors as diverse as Food, Ferreteria, Editorial, Chemical, etc.

Our long experience in the sector allows us to offer a quality, personalised and professional service, all at a highly competitive price.

Currently the headquarters is in Tortellà (Girona) on 9B Market Square. Hours: from 9:00 am to 16:30, Monday to Friday.

Since the end of 2021 we have been a company associated with Tourism Garrotxa and the Club Natura and Active Tourism of the Costa Brava Pirineu Tourist Board of Girona.

We are also part of the Friends of Rural Tourism Club Girona, making our Astronomy Workshops available to thirty Rural Houses.

Vinper Tour s.l, Registered in the Girona Mercantile Register, Tom 345 - Foli 145 - Secció 8 - Fulla GI73038

License and Official Title: GC635