Vinper Tour s.l


Vinper Tour s.l, was founded by Marga Pérez, Manel Víndel and Kilian Vindel in June 1995.

From 2002 Kilian has been running the family company, especialized since its origens in Trade Fair travel, corporate travel and tailor-made holiday travel.

Currently, we manage the corporate travels of a number of varied national and international enterprizes, from various sectors, ranging from the food industry, editing, ironware, chemistry, etc.

Our vast experience in the sector allows us to offer a high quality, personlized and professional service, with high competitve prices.

At present, our registered office is in the Moià, a town in Barcelona region, with also a professional office in Tortellà, a town in Girona region.


Vinper Tour s.l, inscribed in the Commercial Register of Barcelona, Tomo 28258 Foli 143 Secció General