Astronomy Experience for Schools, Institutes and ZERs of Catalonia

Enjoy our Astronomy experience (Conference + Telescope Observation) with Kilian Vindel, Starlight Monitor (IAC-Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands).


   Astronomy workshop of an hour and a quarter duration and taught by one of our Starlight Monitors: Kilian Víndel and / or Gilbert Buscató

We will move in your House of Colonies with all the necessary material

What's included:

Interactive audiovisual on Cosmology, adapted in the corresponding course, and with constant interaction with students in "question-answer" mode.

Organization and operation of an Astronomical Observation field.Astronomical observation in your patio or outdoors with high-end.


Specific contracting conditions for this Workshop.

Cancellation/refund policy:
Cancellations 80% refundable up to 24 hours before the start of the workshop.


01/09 - 31/10 = 19:30 a 20:45

01/11 - 28/2 = 18:00 a 19:15

01/03 - 31/03 = 19:00 a 20:15

01/04 - 30/06 = 20:00 a 21:15

 Experience in schools, institutes and ZER since 2010.If the schedule, or content of the workshop, does not suit your needs, let us know and we will offer you alternatives.